EMP Attack on US! Part 4

Yes in today’s post we conclude what could happen if the Grid was attacked.

Continuing the potential effects of an EMP attack on the USA, Clive Cussler has the following to say in his novel Dragon:

“Any and every record ever programmed into a computer by banks, insurance companies, giant corporations, small businesses, hospitals, supermarkets, department stores – the list is endless – would vanish, along with all stored scientific and engineering data.”

Of course this was 1990 and Internet marketing and shopping were more like a science fiction scenario as I only remember web sites marketing products and services in the late 1990s when I began my first Internet marketing site in 1999.

Can you imagine all your records of insurance payments gone! Or your medical records gone! That is why it is still very important to have a PAPER TRAIL!

It would also be possible that planes could fall out of the sky because all the electronics and computers would be wiped out!

Most vehicles today are run by computers so all ignition and carburetion would stop functioning. Ditto for diesel train engines.

Your household items are loaded with computer chips today that could be fried.

So almost everything in your life that could be effected by an EMP would be. You would be back to what others especially younger people would be considered prehistoric!

So are you ready?

Hugh Simpson

EMP Attack on US! Part 3

Continuing now with MORE of what could and WOULD happen during an EMP attack on the US from Cussler’s Dragon written in 1990:

“…For hundreds of miles around each explosion the memories of every computer would be totally erased. Silicon chips and transistors, the backbone of our modern computerized world, are defenseless against a pulse running through electrical and telephone circuits and serials. Anything made of metal would carry the pulse from pipes to rails to microwave towers and steel supports inside of buildings.”

I had not even thought of that pulse doing the above!

Again written in 1990 – 26 years ago!

Hugh Simpson

EMP Attack on US! Part 2

In the last post we discussed the horrific REAL scenario of using BABY NUKES to set off an EMP – electromagnetic pulse – attack on US.

Here is what Cussler says about an EMP in his novel Dragon:

“…the cars will be staged in systematic grids in deserted areas so their synchronized explosions will set off an electromagnetic pulse on the ground that rises into the atmosphere. This will create an umbrellalike chain reaction that shuts down uplinks to worldwide satellite communications systems.”

This was written in 1990 before smartphones and the Internet!

Continuing what would happen even in 1990:

“All radio, television, and phone networks simply cease to exists…Federal and local governments, military commands, police and sheriff departments, fire departments, ambulances, and all transportation will roll to a halt because they can’t operate deaf.”


More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

EMP Attack on US! Part 1

It has been a while since I have posted here as I have been busy getting ready to market my new book Grid Going Down!

I wanted to share with you a series on what could happen if we experienced an EMP – ElectroMagneticPulse – attack on the US.

I am sure many of you have heard of and read his numerous novels – Clive Cussler. He is one of my favorites as his novels depict possible REAL scenarios.

In his 1990 novel Dragon he sets up a scenario where a mega-billionaire Japanese industrialist Suma concocts a MASTERFUL plan to bring the US to its knees and under Japanese control!

This scenario is VERY REAL and DOABLE today!

He plants BABY NUKES in his cars coming to the US from his manufacturing plant! There are an estimated 60-100 BABY NUKES missing from the former USSR arsenal!

He plans to set off these BABY NUKES in a mostly deserted area of the US causing an EMP! Again HIGHLY plausible

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson