Grid Going Down Video 6

This might not be a MUST for preparing for Grid Going Down; however it is BEYOND COOL as seen in this VIDEO!

I am one of the first people to have it. The creator and one of my mentoree entrepreneurs, Jordan, has agreed to let us at PuttingVetsToWork offer this FIRST EVER product as a marketing project for our veterans!

BTW in my 12th day living off the Grid!

Hugh Simpson

Grid Going Down Video 3

TODAY is the FOURTH day living off the Grid!

Today’s VIDEO shows you how I still manage to fire up my smartphone, iPod Touch and new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

Granted most likely the Net will be down too; however what you see here will allow you to still run your electronics so you can watch your STORED movies and games. Also it will fire up your portable DVD player; however I don’t see it firing up your 52 inch screen!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

Nibiru & EMP

One of the possible ways in the near future of Grid Going Down could be the imminent appearance of Nibiru or some call Planet X.

So could Nibiru cause an Electro-Magnetic Pulse? Read THIS and decide for yourself.

Also watch this TRAILER for new film 5th Wave coming our in January 2016 which coincides with the what could be the appearance of Nibiru to us on Planet Earth! The first wave appears to be an EMP.

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson

Are You Ready?

98% of the United States is NOT prepared!

I remember my first experience with the Grid going down when I was a sophomore at Wake Forest University. This effected all the way down to us at Winston Salem, North Carolina as I think they shut down power to prevent the blackout from spreading.

Fortunately we were not in those high rise dormitories like I was in while a grad student at the University of Illinois. As I remember we only had three stories. Also only steps so we were not trapped in elevators like they were in New York City.

Can you imagine being stuck in an elevator 50 stories up and it is pitch black dark. What would have been a real hell would be in there by yourself! Fortunately many people had some company during those long hours!

There were no cell phones to entertain us! Unless we had a battery powered radio we were entertaining ourselves with playing cards even though it was a Baptist university. Also we sat around and told stories that little or no truth!

HERE is a list of the major power blackouts we have experienced in the US and other areas. Were you in involved in any of them?

This site will share news about the Grid and also give you ways to be PREPARED.

Hugh Simpson